A practice to recalibrate

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28/03/2020 by Premadasa

It’s a beautiful thing to be alive to share in this time of solidarity, fear, support, and love. We can finally realize the future that we want to shape for our families, communities, cities, countries, and planet.

What’s most exciting about this point in time is that everyone is being pulled up simultaneously out of older systems and constructs and it’s key to remain grounded in order to stretch well for this creates greater stability overall.

Create a daily challenge for yourself in the name of Love. Reach out to help someone known or unknown in some way, beautify your surroundings, help Mother Nature going forward through adjusting your daily lifestyle choices and habits. Release fear as it has already done its job which was to place us right here in this moment.

I believe that the more that we can express our vulnerabilities to one another about ourselves, the greater overall empathy and compassion we can bring to the world for a greater positive shift in consciousness.

As we shift toward a new start, I ask myself what am I ready for and needing to leave behind? Moving toward a lighter state of being will be a good thing for all of us as we can make a greater and wider positive impact with the lightest possible footstep on the planet.

The extreme darkness that is being interpreted right now around the planet is the last gasp and grip of fear as light can no longer be pushed out, away, and aside. Fear is bringing about its own death and transformation toward Light. Offer gratitude for all of its life lessons in the collective wake that we’re currently experiencing as we prepare for lift-off.


Contemplate the above when practicing this sequence.

Balasana, Tadasana and Vrikshasana in different spaces/locales both indoor and outside to recalibrate yourself. 5 minutes of Balasana followed by 5 minutes of Tadasana then 5 minutes a side in Vrikshasana. Close with 90 seconds of any supine twist of choice each side, then lie on the back, hug the knees and bring the chin to chest for a spinal rock and roll up and down for 30 seconds. Perform the happy baby pose for a minute and then rock the baby side to side for 30 seconds. Let go and rest into savasana. Let go of the body, the breath, the mind and let the ground hold you as you release into rest, relaxation, and retreat.

Om Shri Gurubhyo Namaha

Feel it.



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