Premashram – 1st Year Anniversary


31/03/2014 by Premadasa

Dear Friends,

Happy Spring! I hope that this message finds you all well.

I would like to invite you to Premashram on Sunday, April 6, 2014 to celebrate its 1st year anniversary from 1-5 pm. One year ago on March 29 we had a lovely gathering here and I am seeking your presence to help charge the space with your good vibrations once again.

We will have a puja ceremony (an ancient Vedic fire ceremony) to help purify the space, ourselves, and our environment. Afterwards we will have a group meditation, followed by a simple meal and satsang (a sharing of spiritual ideals).

This is a free program however any donations offered will be split between a charity/cause and the space itself to help with future events as before.

If possible, dress modestly and wear white to light-coloured clothing. Please feel free to bring a plant to help support the positive energy of the space.

There will be some meditation cushions and bolsters on hand but you may bring your own as well as we will all be sitting upon the floor.


Lots of Love,

Pure Life Ayur Yoga (PLAY)

One thought on “Premashram – 1st Year Anniversary

  1. Premadasa says:

    Sounds Great!

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