Pure Life Ayur Yoga (PLAY) is a company whose mission is to educate, promote, and encourage a lifestyle of total health for the individual and the environment using the sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda.

From an ayurvedic perspective, PLAY will consult with the individual based on their current lifestyle patterns regarding diet, exercise, rest, and sadhana or spiritual practice (if any) in order to carry out its mission. It is not a pre-requisite to be initiated into yoga or any type of spiritual practice in order for one to obtain the knowledge necessary for living in accord with nature.

From a yogic perspective, PLAY will provide the option for the individual to receive lessons in hatha yoga (postures), pranayama (breath control), meditation (dhyana) or all of the above. The individual can opt to learn more about Babaji’s Kriya Yoga through the practice of the 18 posture sequence, or a personalized sequence of postures specific to ones’ dosha, or constitution according to the laws of ayurveda.

The combination of yoga and ayurveda is a very traditional pairing and it is linked to classical yoga, a system which is highly effective for attaining pure health and awareness.

The service offered by PLAY will benefit its customer through:

~education on how to live a deeper, more fulfilling life using natural, time-tested, scientific methods
~allowing its customer to actively take charge of their own health
~giving its customer the ability to truly feel good on many levels
~positive and trusting interaction
~spiritual progression

PLAY is available to conduct workshops and classes within a local yoga studio or comparable space. Contact Premadasa directly if interested in private sessions.

Welcome to PLAY



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